Posted 3 days ago

Haywired… Wayward…

Posted 5 days ago

bawat oras bumibigat
panaginip man ikaw pa din hanap

Posted 5 days ago

Lost and Found

if you got Lost
all my humane efforts could diminish
but with God’s guidance
I know you’ll be found
right then,
ill wait around

.love. eiyah. 041814

Posted 5 days ago

the absence is killing me

Posted 1 week ago

is not saving 

but loving

Posted 1 week ago

Only One Thing

there is one thing that makes you happy
there is one thing that simply makes you smile
there is one thing that made you believe
there is one thing that keeps you going
there is one thing that keeps your faith
there is one thing that makes your heart beating
there is one thing that makes you true to your own being

among the many that pushes you out to make life worth living

Begin from there. 
God is guiding. 

.eiyah 041614. 

Posted 1 week ago

I talk too much because I have been made so miserable by what you are keeping hushed.

— Djuna Barnes

Posted 1 week ago

Nothing so Loud
but the breaking of a Heart

Posted 1 week ago

… tings!

My Heart is Sinking
I dont know where is my Darling
He’s not communicating
All day It’s Him am Thinking


Posted 1 week ago

When I Prayed

Gratitude is not enough for making me feel
this way and for letting me realize am still worthy of Respect.

I have come to think that Ive lost a lot in life over those years,
And now as am starting to nourish myself,
You are there helping me to be receptive towards things that
I might or could really deserve.

I am not broken and in need of a piece to complete a puzzle
Just for a status quo of being whole

I know am guided by God’s grace 
to fill my own, preparing for the best yet unknown..
I am well groomed out of a messy trance and God was there helping me clear it all out so when he’ll send the Right one am asking for-

all wounds are healed, all tears gone dried, all pain vanished away.

A start not just Me who fairly deserves it 
But for the Right Man

I Prayed -
till He gave you to Me.

[again I prayed may he not take him away from me]

Posted 1 week ago


i dont believe you mean to end it… 
can that be the last time you would lie to me…
coz I know and feel that you do Love Me

dada. 041414.

Posted 1 week ago

Don’t Walk Out of My Life

Dada. 041414

Posted 1 week ago

What not Known

I felt the immense changes
It brings out the purity,
then it flows naturally,
The soothing touch that
Gently consoles the lamented heart
Oh and what poison was there doused in mind,
Your charm cleared it all out.


Posted 2 weeks ago

Let It Be

all things light and easy
when Heart is in Glee

With Him

Posted 2 weeks ago

Just Hold On

and that strengthened our bond
that recent storm with a
heavy down pour
we were never beaten